Fencing Gate Installation

Gate Safety

All gates and other moving equipment are readily susceptible to damage and abuse and must be routinely inspected by the user (suggest every 2 weeks, actual schedule be determined by end-user based on usage). The person inspecting the gates should immediately report all problems to their maintenance department and KAVITHA Fence Company. Damaged gates can be dangerous - they must immediately be secured by the end-user and not used, and KAVITHA Fence Company should be notified.

Today, Gate Safe enjoys the support of a number of high profile industry/health & safety organizations and continues to offer independent approved training, share best practice, and deliver practical jargon-free guidance to improve the safety of automated gates and barriers.

What you should look for:

Corrosion, wear, cracks, obstructions, damage from abuse, the best framework, holes in the fabric, missing parts, misalignment, bad engagement, overgrown landscape/brush, ˜run-away" gates (on slopes).

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